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When you think of baccarat, do you often think of rich, swanky, classy types, with European accents, in a posh casino? You know the James Bond types; not just the boy next door types? Well, just about anyone can play baccarat game – and its easy to learn!

Play Baccarat online at best canadian casinos

Baccarat is a game that used to be only played by aristocracy (Inspect the Baccarat Rules section closely to avoid seeming like a pleb). Agent’s 007 original choice in Casino Royale, it is now available to anyone with a passion for adventure (just choose the good kind of risk and choose a Reputable Casino), massive bonuses, high stakes and 8-to-1 payouts (Which Payment System To Trust?) on certain events.

Online baccarat’s distinct advantages are comfort of your own home, lack of second-hand smoke and other players banging on the table screaming “Monkey!”, so the choice is yours. The game is becoming very popular in all parts of the world as more and more countries, states and provinces soften their Terms and Conditions and legal regulations (How to Choose Wager Requirements?) and start to allow online gambling (What Is It Like To Play Online Baccarat In Canada?). Coming up:

  • The rules
  • The situation with baccarat in Canada and things to be aware of
  • The list of three top casinos to play baccarat in Canada
  • Bonuses worth looking at
  • Underwater rocks in the form of wagering requirements that make it not worthwhile or difficult to win or get your money out
  • Payment systems worth using without the risk of money problems or long waits

How To Choose Good Wager Requirements?

There is a wealth of free bonuses among the best online casinos, which are the main way for online casinos to attract customers and make a living. You have to watch out for high Playthrough levels and elusive wager requirements. Sometimes one casino will over you a great Bonus which you need to make 20 bets to withdraw, and other times another casino which looks just like it will offer you an even better bonus with a huge Playthrough that you don’t want to even touch.

For example, a Bonus may have a 50X Playthough but you’re only playing Baccarat and the contribution (which is stated in fine print somewhere on the last page of the T+Cs) is less than ten percent, which means that you have to bet your 100$ 500 times, before you can get your hands on another Match Bonus worth another $100. There is an afterword on hidden wager requirements after every casino mentioned below.

Baccarat Rules

Baccarat is sensationally popular in Macau and is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world thanks to a combination of pure luck and some degree of control a player has over the process. Really, baccarat is as simple as betting on which way the coin lands, but having a good strategy may change the turn of events in your favor (or not). In Baccarat it is expected that every bet carries 1% of losses with it due to house edge, so as soon as you sit down, you’re already losing. Having a good strategy really does make a difference and is necessary even though there is an element of luck to the game.

For example, it is not a good idea at all to keep doubling your bet every time you lose until you win, which seems inevitable (known as a variation on the Martingale system). In most cases, you do win, but from time to time the player will suffer so many losses in a row that the result will be a catastrophic failure, forcing him or her to stop. Sometimes you reach a table limit or run out of money. When you’re looking for online casino gambling sites, casinos, however, love everyone who uses that system for obvious reasons, and passionately hate card counters who use very smart and complex strategies to legally win large sums of money. So the winning strategy is (not the Martingale system) – using your head, knowing the facts and mathematical outcomes, and the context.

With that in mind, be sensible about your money, and being sensible begins with having a crystal clear understanding of the rules:

Place your bets on The Player, The Banker, or a Tie. Player faces the Banker, and a Tie is when they have equal amounts of points (each card has a value, you get dealt cards whose values then add up). Whoever has the highest number wins. If the results goes into double digits, the first digit is subtracted. The Player goes first and gets a third card if he gets between zero and five.

Aces value at 1.

Suits have no value

2-9 have according values.

Tens and up have no value.

If the sum of cards is more than ten, the first digits is dropped (5+7=12=2).

Bank on either of the two parties or a Tie. Player win pays 1-1, Banker 1-1 minus 5%. A tie is usually pays 8 to 1.

One word about a Tie: statistically there is a less than 10% of a chance of it happening, because it happens every one time out of 11. These odds are petrifying, so betting on a Tie is decidedly a bad idea.

What Is It Like To Play Online Baccarat In Canada?

Online Baccarat is rather popular with players in Canada because of its low house edge (one of the lowest of all games) and a variety of variations of the games that casinos offer. There is Live Dealer Baccarat that allows you to deal with real humans through a webcam. That’s great if you’re tired of a cold, faceless machines but don’t want the disadvantages and distractions of a real, land-based casino.

Finding the best online casino gambling sites is about testing the software is right, the licenses are still valid, that there are no glitches and compatibility issues with the games, that games are easy to play, and that some independent commission is checking the casino for integrity. Which is what we are about.

Land-based gambling is only legal in the institutions approved by the government. Online gambling laws are more relaxed. There is nothing in the law to say that online gambling in Canada is illegal according to experts, and if there are any changes in the law to follow, they haven’t been made yet.

Best Online Casinos

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Here is a selection of three casinos that work best for players in Canada. They have been in the business for quite a while, have good reviews, and have been known for convenient, safe and quick payouts.

32RED is the oldest online casino that ever existed if you’re looking for the best online casino to play free baccarat online. Respectively, it has a great track record and is probably the most trusted source of fun on the planet. “Casino of the Decade” from Casinomeister, it is licensed in Gibraltar and affiliated with the London Stock Exchange. It is known universally for having sterling standards and offering a huge variety of games for every kind of player. It offers Micrgoaming-based games, which in itself is a reason enough to love it completely, and also made itself famous with its Mega Moolah slot game, among others, for fantastically high jackpots.

There is also a great support team, which is always on hand, finance paperwork is transparent and available for players to read. 32RED used 128-bit SSL encryption for security purposes. On top of all that, joining is easy (often players don’t even need papers), and the company is constantly audited by eCogra, which is said to be the best auditing company in the business. To say it is an obvious choice would be to say nothing.

32RED offers a 160% Match Bonus (for every pound you deposit you get 32 pounds on top). Playthrough is 40, and Baccarat’s contribution is 10%, so it is a 400*B Bonus (good luck with that).

In the business since 1994 (so old but not rusty), BODOG is licensed and ran by the Carribean Nation of Antiqua with over 150 online games in every possible versions – online, on the go and mobile.  It runs thrusted and true RTG software powering many games, some of them quite known, and even a slightly risqué game called “A Night In Paris” (not sure if this is a reference to the infamous Paris Hilton?), Aztec’s Treasures, Roulette, Blackjack, PaiGow, Baccarat and lots of others.

On the downside, there does not to be real-time support, but it is said their team aims to answer emails every 4 hours. While on the subject of things to pay attention to while you play online baccarat for free, users note that withdrawal options on the site seem to be a little limited.

In terms of casino gambling online Bodog has been around the block a few times, seen the world and does not like to place all its eggs in one basket (good thinking): it has done a huge amount of publicity stunts to do with TV and music productions, making coffee, and doing MMA. It’s basically a bad boy brand that has been through a few legal battles in 2007 and 2012, but it all ended well and it’s all in the past (we’re sure it was all just a misunderstanding). It does online gambling, beverage, internet, and music, and offers a ridiculous array of bonuses and promotions: a 100% Match Sign-Up Bonus of up to 900CAD.  Not bad Playthrough of 25, but its Baccarat contribution is a mind-blowing, stellar 5%, which makes it a 625*D+B Wager, so we recommend keeping as far away from it as possible.

One of the best online casino gambling sites, ROXY CASINO is 15 years old, offers 300 Microgaming casino games and is known for its massive prize events, tournaments and generous reward points on games. It is described fully by very high quality graphics, good security and, as with the two casinos above, full refusal to accept US citizens. Not as big as the previous brands, sure for a baccarat free online game, but it is a private (some say elite) company with headquarters in London and a user base of over 23 000 players. It offers services to a wealth of countries and languages and boasts a proud 590CAD Joining Bonus on registration with a Playthrough of 50X and a (surprise!) 0% playing contribution for all baccarats, we go. And you thought a 5% contribution was bad.

Stay away from this one.

Safe Online Payment Systems

There are three major payment systems worth considering if you’re after safe, reliable and quick payouts. Remember that casinos usually charge for transfers, so check T+C’s and use different advantages different services offer wisely.

Skrill (formery Monkeybookers) is especially well-suited for playing baccarat online as it operates as part of the PaySafe Group (consider prepaid  PaySafe Cards if you don’t want to reveal your bank details), is British-owned, offers a free first transaction, and generally looks good from every angle. There’s an currency conversion fee, unfortunately, but it’s worth it.

Instadebit uses reliable security, does everything by the book and requires a Social Security Number to function, but charges an occasional 2CAD for transactions, depending on their nature. It comes highly recommended.

Visa Debit is an obvious choice: a huge wealth of banks accept it, it is known worldwide for reliability and has a plethora of protective functions. Almost all domestic debit card transactions are done through its Interac network.Visa offers a virtual card service that can be used in any Internet or over-the-phone transaction besides from point-of-sale transactions.

Mastercard basically tops them all. It is the most efficient, safest, most reliable and the most influential service available. It does not include any hidden extra fees (unless you use some shady third party company) other than a currency converter fee, the moment the transaction has gone through you can start playing (no need to wait for the funds to clear), putting in your data once and for all for future payments makes everything a lot easier. One thing you have to bear in mind that you can pretty much deposit your money anywhere using this card, but very rarely are you allowed to take the money out. This is because company policy usually prohibits taking money out of online casinos unless there is a special permission.