How to Play With Baccarat Dealer

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There are times when dealers at casinos make really bad decisions. Often players at the casinos come up and propose to take part in a not totally legal scheme. And then it is up to dealer weather to turn such a player in or to take the proposal and participate, for the money of course. The bad thing is that many times the dealers decide to participate and when they get caught, they get to jail and spend there time that could be spent on something else.
Some time ago there was a report from the Marina Bay Sands saying, that a dealer overpaid a player at the baccarat tables. The player received three thousand US dollars in casino chips on top of the two hundred US dollars she had won in just 4 games. There is no information about if the player had approached the dealer or the dealer had a crush on the player and chose to top off her winnings.
They were caught by a surveillance operator who was working the video monitor and saw that the player was taking her winnings from the table way too fast. After the video footage was reviewed several times, it became clear that the dealer (Ho Kee Hwa) was paying off the player. The court found the croupier guilty to criminal breach of trust for three thousand and fifty US dollars, and sentenced him to prison for 11 weeks.
And this was just one more case when a dealer made a wrong choice. So if approached by a mastermind or common criminal a dealer should turn him (or her) in and avoid such a person as it can only bring trouble. The croupier will get the jail time for a crime or pay the penalty and lose the job. Or may be both. So let’s try live casinos with real dealer.