Offline Baccarat and where to play it in the UK land based casinos

Baccarat is a very plain game by its concept. It is played between a Banker and a Player. Other participants (there can be up to 14 of them at a time) make bets on either the Banker’s win, a Player’s win or a Tie. Sounds extremely simple. But do all casinos that operate in the UK offer just one version of the game?

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As the matter of fact, they do. The classic Baccarat game is offered in most land casinos throughout the Great Britain, the London most popular Hippodrome Casino included. This is where thousands of gamblers choose to spend foggy evenings by the cosy fire together with their friends. Because nowadays the offline casinos are visited almost exclusively for their atmosphere.

Basic rules of offline Baccarat and are they any different from its online version

baccaratOnline and offline versions of the classic game of Baccarat are virtually similar. As was just mentioned, the main and only goal of the game is to guess who is going to win in the next round:

  • The Banker;
  • The Player;
  • Or there will be a TIe.



The player or the players who guess correctly become the winners and take the bet. The win is never too high though. One can hope to get thousands up to a thousand Pounds at a time. There are versions of Baccarat however, where you win much more or much less than this sum. But the reputation of those land casinos that offer games with re-mastered Baccarat rules is often somewhat questionable.

These are 4 main options for a player to follow in Baccarat:

  • Bet the Trend up until a certain point you have chosen before. For instance, bet on a Banker four times in a row, but switch to the Player on 5th.
  • Follow the Shoe is when the Banker wins, you should follow the Banker until it loses and then switch to the Player.
  • Play the Chop, which means betting against the last result.
  • Bet on a Tie, and win a lot more money than when following any of the previous 3 strategies. But this option is chosen by but a few players, for the reason we will name a bit below.

At the bottom of it all, those gamblers who rely on the math only always bet the Banker. The reason for this being the fact that the House Edge (the edvantage any casino has over players) is in this case the least.

What NOT to do when playing Baccarat. Important tips

  1. The very first and most important tip we can give to all beginner players is to never bet on a tie. Doing so is usually a terrible idea, mainly because of the extremely increased House Edge. For the player who bets on a Tie, the Edge rises from just about 1% up to 14%.

  2. Never choose to play with other number of card decks than 6. Now, not all land casinos will offer you any choice, but when they do – always play with six decks.

  3. Never borrow money for gambling. It is important that you played only when you have fun and can afford losing the money.

  4. Never be rude to the people at your table or to any people in the casino. Remember, that gambling is first and foremost about fun and one should not spoil it for others, even if he or she is not having the best of luck.

Why is Baccarat so popular with beginner players?

The main reason why so many newbie gamblers want to try Baccarat is the simplicity of this game. You need to know but several basic things to succeed in this game. Also, James Bond also known as the 007 agent likes this game and plays it at any occasion.