Online Baccarat and what online casinos to play it at


Today we are going to look at the best places to play online Baccarat. There is not that many places utilising this game, especially if we talk about Live Baccarat. However there still are several good options that are by far our favorites, and we are going to explain why in this short article. So the 2 online casinos that you are going to want to play this game are:

Online casino
First deposit bonus
Joe Fortune
WR: 30 / $ 1,000

The reason why these three locations were chosen lies in the fact that they share the most important characteristics, the first of which is being safe to use. This is always out #1 concern when reviewing any sort of an online gambling website. The casinos that could scheme their players out of thousands of Pounds/Dollars are presumably in the past, partially because we and other reputable resources are taking every possible precaution to not let them come to life again. But still, security, safety and good reputation is something we pay the closest attention to, when selecting our recommendations.

When gambling online only choose the reputable casinos that you know for a fact are going to let you withdraw both the bonus and real money if you end up winning. At Betway, 32Red or LeoVegas, players do not need to worry about their accounts getting locked or other manipulations.

Baccarat strategy. Why it is the best choice for the beginner gamblers

Probably the main reason why the beginners choose Baccarat over other online card games, is that there is basically no strategy needed here. All one has to worry about is placing his bets, while the dealer (a live person in case of Live Baccarat or the machine) will take care of the rest. But here are the main basics before you join an online casino and start playing for real money.

In online Baccarat you bet on whether the Player or the Banker hand will win, or if they will tie. Which brings us to the first most important rule – never bet on a tie. This is not a great idea mainly because the House Edge (the casino’s advantage over players in terms of their chances to win) goes from just about 1% up to 14% in case they bet on a Tie. So only do that in case you are feeling incredibly lucky.

Many players like to

  • Follow the Shoe, meaning for example when the Banker wins they follow the Banker until it loses and then switch.

Other players like to

  • Play the Chop, which means betting against the last result.

Another common approach is

  • Betting the Trend up until the point. So for example – bet on a Banker 3 times in a row, but switch to the Player on 4th.

The truth is if you want to rely solely on the match, you should just bet the Banker every single hand, since the house edge is slightly less.

Is online Baccarat better than land based Baccarat games?

what's better?Actually, there is no simple answer to this question. The truth is that both these types of the game have certain advantages. Many will point out the fact that online Baccarat is by far more convenient, since it can be played on a laptop or even a smartphone. Thanks to the mobile applications, modern players can basically carry their own casinos in a pocket. But it is also important that land casinos have the unique atmosphere only they can provide, and many gamblers long to this atmosphere rather than to the Baccarat game itself. So this is probably the question that has no direct answer, and everyone will have the advantage of answering it for themselves.