Baccarat Probabilities: The Guide

The word Baccarat means “zero” in French and if you do not want to be a looser, do not get caught with this total. The game is actually very simple, no matter what impression its posh look gives. The players who want to learn about the game will find that it is rather easy to master and fun.
The cards are worth their face value and the King, Queen, Jack or Ten are worth 10 points while the Ace is worth just 1 point. One needs to add up the cards total and then to drop the tens digit. Like for instance: 6+10=16=6. In case a player has got a 9 or 8 total it is a natural and he can declare and see if he won automatically.
The fact that the players actually have roles they need to play makes this game unique. There exist the roles of a Player and a Banker. If you play the European versions of the game, the Banker is one the players who needs to use his own money to finance the game, thus the house will just provide the role of the croupier and the dealer. In the American version, the Banker is simply a place on the board for putting bets on. So obviously the probabilities and the skill between the European and the American versions of the game are greatly different.
Two cards are dealt to the Player and the Banker by the dealer. The players can make their bets on either the Player or the Banker or Tie. So far it sounds like blackjack but there are some big differences too. And the thing that differs baccarat from blackjack so much is the existence of strict rules on how to deal the 3rd card. If a player in baccarat has total of 0 to 5 he has right to take the 3rd card. If he has 6 to 7, than he has to stand. And 8 or 9 is a “natural” win. The bets are made in baccarat before the cards are dealt and it is not allowed to change them after the deal (which is possible in blackjack).

And the odds at baccarat games are not at all bad. The advantage of the house on the Player bet is 1.24 percent, on the Banker bet it is 1.06 percent and on the Tie it is 14.36 percent. The chances of Player or Banker winning are near 45 percent for either the Banker bet or the Player bet. Although mathematically the chances of Banker bet to win are higher. It is 0.4586 while for the Player bet it is 0.4462.
The rules on the Banker’s third card are a lot more complicated and this is the reason why the Banker is a sounder bet. The 3rd card of the banker depends on the Player. In case the 3rd card is drawn by the player, than this card will be dealt face-up and the Banker gets a card based in that card specifically.

– In case the 3rd card of Player is 9, 10, Ace or a face-card, than the Banker will draw if he has 0 to 3 and will stay with a 4 to 7.
– In case the 3rd card of Player is an 8 , than the Banker will draw if he has 0 to 2 and will stay with a 3 to 7.
– In case the 3rd card of Player is a 6 or 7, than the Banker will draw if he has 0 to 6 and will stay with a 7.
– In case the 3rd card of Player is a 4 or 5, than the Banker will draw if he has 0 to 5 and will stay with a 6 or 7.
– In case the 3rd card of Player is a 2 or 3, than the Banker will draw if he has 0 to 4 and will stay with a 5 to 7.

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If we speak about the tracking trends and the systems, it is a fact that the casinos provide the players with scorecards that help to track the trends. But it will be a flip of a coin. Those who want to track these trends probably know that there are people who think this is more fun than just betting on the Banker each time. But still the probabilities will be on the Banker bet side.
There have been the debates going on over how to improve odds in baccarat game. But the truth is that the baccarat is a game of chance. So learn the probabilities and enjoy the game. Following streaks, counting cards and baccarat systems will not really improve your chances to win. The only 100% guaranteed ways to be successful is keeping a good attitude and having a spending limit. The American baccarat will be good choice for those who love this game. So flip your coin and may your luck be with you!