Baccarat Terms

When you are new at playing a game, both online or offline, sometimes it is easy to get confused if you don’t know the terms of the game. Here are a few variations that you may hear, but in different regions, and for gamblers who often are at the tables often they have even more terms that you may have to catch on to as you go. Here are some terms you ’ll find useful when you step up to the baccarat table:

Baccarat – A zero count

Banco – the banker

Bankroll – the amount of money that a player has to gamble

Burning the top cards – when the top 3-6 cards in the deck is discarded after the cards have been shuffled,but before play starts.

Caller – the croupier at a baccarat table

Commission – The cut taken by the casino on winning bets. This is usually 5%.

Coup – a round of play

Croupier – the dealer

Down Card – a card that has been dealt facedown

Face Cards – cards of any suit that include Jacks/Knaves, Queens and Kings

Fading – placing the bets

Le Grande – a natural hand of 9 points

Loss bet – a bet made against the house

Muck – the 8 complete decks of cards, totalling 416 cards that are shuffled together to make the playing cards used in baccarat.

Natural – a hand that has achieved a score of 8 or 9 within its first two cards dealt

Palette – A wooden paddle-like stick that allows a seated croupier to reach the furthest corners of the table

Pass – a win

Petite – similar to a “grand,” however it is a natural total 8

Punto – a player

Shills – the employees of the casino, who are selected because they are able to draw new players

Shoe – the device used by the croupier to deal cards

Shooter – the bank

Standoff – a tied game

Up card – a card that has been dealt face-up


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