Table Layout: Baccarat

As the matter of fact, the full and the mini baccarat table layout are virtually the same. There are just 2 important differences in the full version of baccarat and they are the table’s size and the player’s bankroll size. There are places for one up to fourteen players at the full table (the spot with the 13th number is not used because of the superstitious beliefs concerning this number). Usually it is the high rollers who use this version of the game. So one can usually find the full baccarat tables in isolated areas of a casino or even in a separate room. The bets start at fifty to one hundred dollars usually at this variation of the game, and they can go up to 100000 dollars or more. So if you want to play these games you need to be positive that you understand the game totally. You may try to play online baccarat in Spin Palace.

Baccarat Table Features

The table is of oval form and it is covered in green felt. And there is the area in the middle of the table that is cut out in the semi-circle form. The dealer takes position in this spot, so the players call it the caller’s place (as the dealer is in charge of calling out the cards, hands and so on). The area with the numbers from one to fifteen (without 13) is just opposite to the caller’s place. The squares where the numbers are printed are known as the commission squares. The purpose of this area is to help the dealer to follow the awarded commissions and the banker bets to the house in these instances.
There is one more set of numbers from one to fifteen around the remainder of the table. Their aim is to tell the players in what position or seat they are playing. So 14 players can sit at the table in this version of the game. There are 3 betting options above every number – the banker, the player and the very top (or a tie). The dealer and the player know thanks to these printed areas which type of bet is being made.

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